Coherent Marketing works with towns, counties, state and national governments on economic development.  With so many locations to choose from, smart communications is key to promoting places as the location of choice for particular industries.  The field in which we have worked is primarily the 21st Century knowledge econonomy. These mean high-paid jobs to the winners.  The 21st Century knowledge economiy encompasses sectors such as biopharmaceuticals, renewable fuels, advanced manufacturing and healthcare - all fields where a specialized and highly-trained technical workforce is critical to sustained success and any hope of attracting multi-million dollar facilities. Marketing communications for economic development requires an ability to put together partnerships and consortia to work together on shared communications, set shared goals, and play nice - despite sometimes competing interests.

We have more than ten years of working in this field and a highly successful track record. Here are some multimillion dollar examples:

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  • As lead for NC BioImpact, we helped attract and grow the North Carolina biopharmaceutical industry sector in the space of three years by more than $3 billion dollars. Our campaign led to new investment by Merck and Novartis (vaccine facilities) as well as expansions by multiple biomanufacturing facilities.
  • In the renewable fuels sector, our communications led to a $250 million advanced biofuels facility selecting our location due to sophisticated and targeted messaging around the factor most critical to this industry - high availability of low-cost biomass. 
  • In advanced manufacturing, promotion of highly skilled adavanced manufacturing training resulted in $2bn in new investments and expansions in the ten largely rural counties offering this training in a two year timeframe. 
  • We consulted to the Canadian government on how they should switch their largely print-based marketing to online digital marketing communications.
  • We have done audits and written communications best practices for town chambers of business and industry associations resulting in growth.

This kind of marketing communications requires both a strategic understanding of economic development communications as well as a good understanding of the channels available to economic developers. Coherent Marketing has this.  Our approach is both cost effective as well as effective - as our track record shows.  We work with industry sector associations, local governments, counties and state and national governments.  To make a difference in your region, contact us.

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