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Coherent Marketing helps organizations rethink and integrate the ways they are communicating internally and externally for better business results and improved revenues. An always on digitally-connected world generating big data and hyper-local results requires businesses to have a plan for this new communications landscape - and that's just the technology.

We build websites, because that's the foundation upon which an effective digital presence is built, along with the strategic positioning and brand differentiation a powerful site offers. 

We are process-driven, helping with strategy, platform selection, tactical implementation, communications and workflow process (who does what, when), communications team-building, best practices and operating procedures, planning, and training on social media and content marketing.  Oh, and the picture is real, but we won't expect that of you for teambuilding!


We don't just build websites - although we're very good at that - we work our clients to help them obtain improved outcomes.




New Jobs

We provided the marketing communications for a statewide workforce development project in rural North Carolina, sparking capital investment and expansions.

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In a campaign to promote advanced non-corn biofuels, videos from members of the public in favor were embedded on other websites tens of thousands of times.

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Globally respected

Africa's premiere leadership development organisation and Fellowship gets tens of thousands of visitors and more than 130,000 page views a month.

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Norman Smit


Norman Smit is an award-winning media professional who has worked as a communications executive on four continents, combining business management experience with his technical know-how to find cost-effective solutions that work.

Iulia Popovici

Project Manager

Iulia is a content specialist and speaks four languages. She leads projects in the EU for Coherent Marketing and one example of her skills is her leadership heading a nationwide resource for autism in Romania. 

Mohamed Abdelaziz

Technical Expert

Mohamed Abdelaziz has a decade and a half of specialist experience working with the portal content management system, Joomla.  He is knowledgeable in PHP, HTML, mySQL, CSS and JavaScript, and provides solutions to complex client technical needs.

Stacey Quay


Helps resolve those issues that seem simple but makes you tear out your hair. She's the administrative heart of the company, and adds content development capacity. And she also knits. 


Telly Award

Stories of Hope - a TV ad campaign to recruit workers laid off from textiles manufacturing to be reskilled for working in biomanufacturing, where thousands of jobs were unfilled.


An airport mural targeting biotechnology and capital investors to select North Carolina as their location of choice for new facilities and expansions.

Tech Award

Screensaver distributed and installed on millions of community college computers in NC which, when a key was touched or the mouse wiggled gave you the option to click through to the latest courses available