Track record

Here are just a few clients with which Coherent Marketing has worked. In some instances we've built a website for them only; in others we've worked with the client to develop holistic digital marketing communications strategies, training and implementation. We have also been brought in for evaluation, change management, or guidance on strategic positioning.  How could we help you?


Small Business Sites

Parker Upholstery

A site to showcase the exquisite skills at Parker Upholstery, which has become the go-to place for designers and anyone with heirlooms and antique furniture in need of repair or redecorating.

eHark Care

We built this site to enable the owner's company to meet the growing needs of seniors in society who live isolated lives. Although currently regional, the site is ready for nationwide expansion.

Battery Recycling

We replaced the Junkbat site, restructuring it to differentiate the services and advantages offered by the battery recycling and brokerage company, based in Durham, NC., in a competitive market.

Summerlin Builders

A family-owned, high-quality builder in Johnston County, NC, the site showcases projects, as well as differentiates their qualitative approach from other builders. The site also handles their rentals, too.

Grace Episcopal

We built the multimedia site at Grace Episcopal in Clayton, NC, to be capable of digital services from the start, so when the COVID struck, it made it much easier for the church to weather the pandemic.


A site for the author DeRay Cole's heartwarming account of his grandmother who raised him, titled Ma, Ma, Um Sweatin. The site manages book sales and raises money for a scholarship endowment.

Directory-based Sites

Technology Demonstrator

A demonstration site to showcase some of the possibilities for which a directory site can be used.  This is a full site demonstration platform, and directories can be either open - allowing user registration - or closed, where only designated staff have access to post.

Member Association

The Johnston County Building Industry Association is in the process of replacing their old membership listing with a new directory section. Additional functionality includes automated member reminders, and automated delisting after 365 days.

Leadership Directory

The African Leadership Institute commissioned a study to track every leadership training programme across Africa. This pan-African directory lists each programme and provides fine-grained filtering for type, country, numbers, etc.

Grant Projects

Multi-year Federal and State grant projects

Biofuels Development

$5 million annually

A comprehensive approach was developed using digital, print and events messaging to counter well-funded misinformation from fossil fuels companies. Additionally, the economic, environmental and jobs benefits for North Carolina to have an advanced, biomass-based biofuels industry sector was successfully promoted.

Advanced Manufacturing

$18 million/four years

We developed a communications strategy and site for the NCAMA - a 10-college statewide initiative funded by the DOL. Communications included student recruitment, industry participation, and economic development. The project's success saw it featured in US Federal Reserve Bank publication.

Healthcare Training

$25 million/3 years

The US DOL awarded a grant to a six college consortium across three states to develop and implement 3D simulation training using stackable credentials to people wanting a career in healthcare. We developed branding, recruiting materials, and websites for three of the colleges.