We offer a streamlined solution to small businesses looking for a cost-effective way to launch a new website. We have a demo website showing a range of the features built into our starter sites  that can be immediately implemented, depending on the needs of your small business. We also build these sites so they can be easily expanded as the needs of your company grows or changes.

We can get a site up in 24 hours. It is prepopulated with filler text, and if you know what you want to say, that can be quickly swapped out and ready for you to showcase your business. Click on the contact button below and schedule a call with us to discuss your hopes and goals.

Coherent Marketing offers several website packages.  Building on our simple, single-page starter site package, is our extended site package.  Our extended site package is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and provides the features and capabilities they need. 

We will work closely with you and your team to offer the best options for your business, providing features that meet your needs.  For example, this may include a private employee documentation area, media-heavy sites for video or podcasts, forums, events sites, blog-based sites for content distribution, or other features. 

These are sites that use directory software to organise, filter and promote pages and come with powerful built-in search capabilities.  They can be used for association membership sites, directories, product display, and real estate, to name a few. We have a demo directory site to show some common features.

Because of the relative complexity of the powerful software underpinning these sites, we price them accordingly. For more information about our directory sites and pricing, please see our directory site pricing page.

Coherent Marketing provides support to its clients to ensure the investment they made in developing their site is not lost.  Areas of support include technical maintenance; Search Engine Optimization; development of new features; additions; site migrations; domain purchases; SSL certificates; hosting; content development; and a range of other services.

We offer service packages, project pricing or time-based rates.