Coherent Marketing offers several website packages.  Building on our simple, single-page starter site package, is our extended site package.  Our extended site package is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and provides the features and capabilities they need. 

We will work closely with you and your team to offer the best options for your business, providing features that meet your needs.  For example, this may include a private employee documentation area, media-heavy sites for video or podcasts, forums, events sites, blog-based sites for content distribution, or other features. 

 After it is built, we will work with you on optimizing it for Search to outshine the competition, especially now that more is happening online than before the pandemic. 

  • Directory sites - for real estate listings, economic development organisations, or chambers of business. We have a dedicated section on directory sites for more.
  •  Events-management sites to promote events with Google maps integration, payment gateways and printable PDF tickets and barcode support.
  •  Document repositories for the HR division or to store technical documents for the sales team, with the ability to limit who can see what, as well as user activity tracking for compliance.
  • Complex forms capabilities, allowing you to build questionnaires for purposes of support, simple forms for email signups.
  • Time logging for employees or contractors at clients, along with services provided, using complex forms.  This data can be exported to Excel.
  • Media-rich sites for embedding video or audio/podcasts or image galleries.
  • Blog-based sites or sections to sites with commenting and ranking/voting if you want that.
  • Forums for internal or external use.
  • Fine-grained access control - so that users can be allowed or restricted from viewing, creating, publishing or deleting content in almost any area of your site - and without needing to access the back end or site administration section.

These are just a few of the options available.  Discuss your needs with us and we will step you through your options and the longer-term implications of choosing one solution over another in cost and staff hours.  For pricing and our process visit the extend site pricing plans page.