More information and pricing of custom directory sites

Coherent Marketing develops directory websites, working closely with clients to provide customization for their needs. Directory sites are useful for a range of businesses, such as real estate listings, economic development site listings, member associations, school systems, car sales, resumes or job posting sites and more.  The open source software we use has a powerful feature set that allow for the site to offer either open or closed user access. 

For open user access directories, it can be set up for users to create accounts, create and post a page and for site owners to charge for the use of the site.  Or it can be closed, with user access limited only to staff members to post new inventory or edit and update previously published posts. Pages can include user uploaded images or even a gallery and entries can be mapped using Google Maps pushpins.

Coherent Marketing has a demo site that you can visit that shows many of the features that can be offered.  The demonstration site is at   The directory sites we build offer the following features:

  • Unlimited and nested categories
  • Fields for one category type can be used in other categories saving time
  • Standard fields that include Title, big and small subtitles, description, images, and publishing period
  • Charges can be levied for custom fields
  • Credit packages can be offered, or the site can be set up for information only
  • The directory can be integrated with the most popular payment gateways, including PayPal, and
  • User engagement is possible through entry reporting, and ratings and reviews
  • Customizable emails can be set up to notify users and admins when entries are submitted, published, deleted or reviewed.
  • Reminder emails triggered by an entry publishing period. This is useful for member and association sites where membership may need to be renewed annually.

Directory sites also offer powerful search filtering so that a visitor can drill down into the offerings and find only the kind of entry or service that is relevant to them. One of the biggest problems with large data driven sites is that you can't find what you're looking for on the site.  Directory search filters solve that issue, making entries work for you.  Search filtering includes a Google map search, alphabetical, text, and enabling specific fields to appear in the filtered search criteria. Please also take a look at some of the directory sites we've built in our blog section.

Because of the complexity of directory sites, where one single field for an entry may have 12 or more variables to configure, building and testing a directory site is more time consuming.  Pricing on these sites begin at $2,500 depending on features sought.  Coherent Marketing does offer project pricing on these sites to make costs more manageable, so contact us to discuss your site needs.