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You may see some layout issues while the site is being updated. This is deliberate. 

We work with a lot of small, small businesses and the process playing out here is being shared as part of our client online education so that they can see how site edits and changes impact what a visitor sees.  The platform we use we also use for all of our client's sites, so this upgrade event forms part of our small business client empowerment process and training. It also provides insights into time and cost impacts for site development and maintenance.

Since 2011, we have been helping small businesses, higher education initiatives, governments, churches, and non-profits. 



A website is your foundation online

Starter Sites

Streamlined single-page solutions for small businesses looking for a cost-effective way to launch a new website in a hurry, but built so the site can be easily expanded as your company changes or grows.

Feature Sites

Feature-rich sites with all the capabilities your organisation needs, including file management for HR and Sales, media sites for video or podcasts, events management, blogs with comments and ratings, and many other options.

Directory Sites

Create attractive entries, and organise, filter and promote pages. Multiple ways to find entries through filtering or using powerful search tools.  Great for association membership sites, product display, economic developers, and real estate to name a few. 

Our difference

There are lots of website developers in the marketplace. They may build pretty sites. But unless a website supports your overall business goals effectively, you will be redoing it again in a year or two.  We work with you on your marketing communications systems and processes for long-term success, part of which is having an effective, foundational web presence.  So our approach to website development is fundamentally different.

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Call us if you have a problem, project or campaign. We work locally and globally with clients in the US, Europe and Africa.

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If your route to success seems blocked, Coherent Marketing has broad capabilities in communications, and a key strength is in using technology and integrated media for cost effective solutions.


Coherent Marketing has nearly a decade of experience in strategic positioning and communications for economic and workforce development groups such as industry, government and education, producing a ROI of billions of USD.


Often organizations join forces for goals they cannot easily accomplish by themselves, such as grant- or government-funded initiatives that require unlikely bedfellows to work together.  Consortiums can face difficulties, but we can help.

Schedule time to talk to us about your next project.


We work with nonprofits, providing strategic positioning and a range of digital services, resulting in excellent outcomes. Talk to us.


We have been called in for oversight, to develop pathways forward, and for communications troubleshooting. Talk to us.

Small Business

We help small businesses get established online, provide training and mentoring, and provide capacity in areas of need. Talk to us.


We have helped develop campaigns, chaired committees, and provided guidance on campaign pricing and direction. Talk to us.


From Our Blog

  • Cost-effective content marketing

    Fresh content on a website is one of the most important ways search engines rank where you will be found - on page one, or buried.

    Content marketing uses online content to increase the visibility of an organization and is an effective marketing method. Done right, it can help you get to page one.

    Many organizations have experienced staff, provide good services, and have everything needed to create great content with the regularity needed for this kind of marketing, but find it difficult to do so. We can solve that for you. We will turn what it is you do into effective web content. In short, we make content marketing easy for you. Contact us to find out about our rates and to discuss how we can help.

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  • Consortiums, initiatives, associations and partnerships

    They all have the same challenge - and advantages. They require everyone to get in the boat, to row in sync together, and to row in a shared direction.

    Integrated Media Strategies has more than a decade of experience working highly successfully with these kinds of communications projects. We have spent hours in committees getting groups of people to come to agree on shared areas where strategic positioning of messaging can benefit all parties. And then working with those partners to implement the communications tactics to make it all work. We like herding cats.

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  • Integrating Communications

    Many organizations are facing the current communications revolution with teams organized to create and disseminate information and grow business for what worked as little as two years ago.

    Coherent Marketing can assist organizations either set up new integrated digital communications structures or help transition communications teams.  This communications revolution is not just about technology, but the way in which organizations should be conceptualizing content, leveraging opportunities for new niche audiences and new business, vetting material, distributing authentic communications, archiving material and reviewing metrics. Social and digital media have empowered people to be able to easily talk about you and share their opinions and experiences. And that includes future clients as can also be deliberately negative from your competition.

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