These are sites that use directory software to organise, filter and promote pages and come with powerful built-in search capabilities.  They can be used for association membership sites, directories, product display, and real estate, to name a few. We have a demo directory site to show some common features.

Because of the relative complexity of the powerful software underpinning these sites, we price them accordingly. For more information about our directory sites and pricing, please see our directory site pricing page.

The main purpose of a good directory site is to list a large number of entries, yet make searching for an entry easier for a visitor. Listing entries in a directory site will increase the visibility of products and services to different kinds of audiences, as internet search is the most common way of finding information. Our directory sites can be monetized or be for information only.  Ways these sites are monetized are the entries listed pay for listing.  Automations can send reminders to extend listings, when entries are expiring, and include payment gateways and invoicing.

To get a better idea of what your directory site could look like, check out our demo directory site or contact us to find out more about what is the best website option for you. We can also schedule a skype session in which we can share our screen with you and step you through the tools and features available on our directories.  The screengrab below is from the home page of our demo site.