One of the strengths of the Coherent Marketing shop is that all of the staff have years of experience building and managing the open source portal content management system, Joomla.  The principal, Norman Smit, built his first Joomla site on Joomla 1 in the mid 2000s for the NC Community College biotech initiative, BioNetwork. Iulia and Stacey have worked on content development for years, too.  Coherent Marketing's Technical Expert, Mohamed Abdelaziz has a decade and a half of experience working with Joomla.  Between us, we have skills in depth to handle the types of issues that our clients need. We also will assist clients who have either outgrown WordPress or had their WordPress site hacked migrate to Joomla.

In addition to the skills around website development, we have long-term established relationships with excellent graphic designers, who we bring on as needed, when clients are in need of design work, logo and brand development, annual reports, etc.

We are also a multilingual organisation. Between our staff, we are able to work on and produce sites in English, French, Arabic, and Romanian. Aside from the language capabilities in-house, we are familiar with EU and African privacy regulation compliance - GDPR and POPI - and can advise on digital communications and build sites that are language and privacy compliant with those frameworks.

Technical Capabilities

Our technical skills include: 

  • Developer-level knowledge in PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Set up Microsoft Office 365, including email admin accounts, Microsoft Teams
  • Bulk email services using AcyMailing for email newsletters and email marketing, including SPF and DMARC records
  • Extension development, when an off-the-shelf extension by a trusted developer doesn't already exist
  • Troubleshooting hacked WordPress sites and migrating them to Joomla
  • Upgrading older versions of Joomla to the latest release
  • Bugfixing
  • Setting up sites with partitioned and escalating user access and permissions structures - crucial for larger organisations in which multiple people or departments may need to maintain content in their ara, but not have access to other areas

 For the other work we do, see our Consulting Services


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