Because of the wide range of features that can be built, it is impossible to provide a definitive number here. In short, it depends on the features sought and the complexity of those features.  Our approach is to develop these sites in partnership with our clients and produce a site plan first before embarking on development. With a site plan, it is possible to show a time estimate as well as compile a cost list of software licenses that might be needed to purchase.

During our first conversation, we can provide a rough verbal estimate, or price range, based on our discussion. If that seems acceptable, we will work with the client and develop a site map from which a more detailed costing can be obtained.

Once we are given the green light to proceed, we require half up front for the project and the remainder at the end of the project, built to the agreed upon site plan. Coherent Marketing will turn over the project upon final payment for the new site.

Most of our clients continue to work with us after the site is turned over. Coherent Marketing builds sites, but we consider a website to be a foundational tool for an organisation to reach it's communication and marketing goals. Please take a look at the following that we offer:

As always, please talk to us if you'd like to find out more, or see if we may be a good fit for working with you.