The starter site we offer is for a small business that is looking for a cost-effective entry point to owning a website that can grow with them.  You can see our demo site at CoherentMarketing.Online. These websites come with the following features:

  • One year shared hosting plan
  • SSL certificate
  • Firewall to prevent hacking or exclude countries with which you will never do business
  • Built on the open-source Joomla content management system
  • Available in multiple color combinations to work with your brand or logo
  • The elements on the home page need not all be used.  Use only the ones you want to keep.
  • Quick turnaround - we can have the site up with filler content in 24 hours
  • Two pricing plans

Colour options






Buy now: $650.00


Because of the wide range of features that can be built, it is impossible to provide a definitive number here. In short, it depends on the features sought and the complexity of those features.  Our approach is to develop these sites in partnership with our clients and produce a site plan first before embarking on development. With a site plan, it is possible to show a time estimate as well as compile a cost list of software licenses that might be needed to purchase.

More information and pricing of custom directory sites

Coherent Marketing develops directory websites, working closely with clients to provide customization for their needs. Directory sites are useful for a range of businesses, such as real estate listings, economic development site listings, member associations, school systems, car sales, resumes or job posting sites and more.  The open source software we use has a powerful feature set that allow for the site to offer either open or closed user access. 

For open user access directories, it can be set up for users to create accounts, create and post a page and for site owners to charge for the use of the site.  Or it can be closed, with user access limited only to staff members to post new inventory or edit and update previously published posts. Pages can include user uploaded images or even a gallery and entries can be mapped using Google Maps pushpins.

Coherent Marketing wants to see it's clients succeed. 

Our experience has taught us that there is a balance for organizations between outsourcing certain functions or doing it in-house. Small businesses in particular often are very good at what they do, but don't have the expertise to maintain a website or the time to implement sustained communications practices.  Consortiums similarly ask us to help them with communications implementation that falls between the structures of the consortium members. Similarly, non-profits and associations often don't have the staff to manage some of the technical elements required in a digital age. 

We offer fixed, monthly support plans; or time-based support.  Detailed invoicing is provided for time-based support so that you can see exactly what it is you're paying for.

Here is a list of some of the support we provide, and in each instance will provide, depending on need:

  • Website maintenance - keeping things patched and up to date to ensure your site isn't vulnerable to hacking.
  • Assistance with hosting and related functions, including domain management, server-based backups, and email plan selection. You can also read more at Hosting & Services
  • Guidance on website backups. Should you be running a script off the back end of the site, or using server-based backups?
  • Transferring content from your previous site to a new site we're developing for you. See more on this here in FAQs.
  • Site migration when your site has outgrown its current hosting plan.
  • Small business online security and best practices.  Don't get hacked or fall afoul of ransomware. We offer seminars to small businesses to learn more.
  • Content marketing and writing support
  • Mentoring and training. We provide training on many of the areas in which we provide support so that over time, organisations can bring those areas of need in-house.
Which support plan is best for you?

Contact us about support plans and let's discuss what's best for you.