Coherent Marketing can assist clients with writing support. This typically falls into a number of areas:

  • Content origination - where we discuss key needs for content with clients and then develop content for their sites or for other marketing material.
  • Planned content - developing content for content diaries to match strategic positioning, talking points, a monthly focus, etc.
  • Transferring content from one website to another - in particular when we are developing a new site for a client and need to migrate content from a previous content management system.
  • Multimedia content - where we write introductions and additional text-based content for video or audio content to improve SEO and reach.

With the exception of site content transferring, we have found that working with clients on a continuing basis results in better copy as we can better match terminology and style.

If you are considering taking on Coherent Marketing as a partner and have questions about the writing suppport we offer, please contact us.



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