Video is a powerful tool.  It can show rather than tell, and in the right instances can be exactly the media you want to use. 

Coherent Marketing can work with your organisation on how to incorporate digital video into your organization's marketing communications, social media, website, internal communications, and quality control and risk avoidance training, something of particular use in regulated and advanced manufacturing sectors. Video can strengthen internal communications, eliminate misunderstandings where there is a chain of complex processes, and reach people with different learning styles in ways that text cannot. It can be a powerful sales tool and help differentiate you from your competitors, especially when it comes to post-sales support. 

We can work with you on:

  • Ways in which video can benefit and organization and improve the bottom line
  • Use of video to improve Search Engine Optimization and on social media
  • Digital video workflow
  • Integration of video into communications structures and both internal and external websites
  • Inhouse vs contracted out
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Dissemination
  • Metrics

We have a unique capability in that it we have produced video in regulated environments, including clean rooms where contamination must be avoided.  While we no longer shoot and produce video, we can advise on how to introduce it into your quality control practices, or adjust it for better outcomes. We also have strategic partnerships with industry-scale training facilities that can be called upon, if necessary.




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