The platform we use for our sites is open source, so it is not proprietary. Once your bill for development of your site is paid for, Coherent Marketing will transfer ownership to you. Depending on whether you select the month-to-month payment plan or two payments, will determine when site transfer occurs. For a starter site in which you opt for the two-payment plan, your site can be in your hands in 24 hours. Once the site is transferred to you, you will fully own and control the site. If you ever become dissatisfied with the support we provide, you can zip up your site and move it elsewhere - e.g. to a different hosting company - or choose a different company to provide support.

Note that ownership of the site does have some caveats:  you must ensure that your domain is paid for annually with the domain registrar, or you will lose control of it. Similarly for hosting.  If you don't pay your host, they will take down your site. 


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