Coherent Marketing is providing strategic and tactical communications support to the prestigious African Leadership Institute.  The patron of the institute is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace prize winner who is known for his ethical and courageous leadership.  The mission of the institute is to promote dedicated, visionary, thoughtful and self-aware leaders across Africa, which as a continent is challenged by political, economic and climate difficulties, to name a few. 

The role of Coherent Marketing will include upgrading the technical capabilities of the Wordpress website in line with a strategic content marketing plan; to develop a strategic voice for the organization in its communications and to integrate communications across the various communications channels it uses; to revamp its social media output and harmonize it with branding and positioning; and to assist with the day-to-day tactical stuff that happens in an organization that is based in London and Cape Town and works with Tutu Fellows across the continent and the world.

We will be developing best practices for staff; writing how-to guides; upgrading infrastructure including social media tools for metrics and publishing; conducting search engine optimization of content that had been produced prior to our beginning with the African Leadership Institute; and integrating media for maximum impact - for example the use of audio from video for a radio-rich continent for maximum reach.  Additionally, we will be building connections with the strong Tutu Fellows network to maximize the returns on Search by Google and other engines through a sophisticated, ethical methodology that better positions the institute as thought leaders on the continent. Coherent Marketing has a long, successful track record of using consortiums for high-visibility, high-stakes strategic visibility and this pan-African network will be no different.

Part of the reason for the selection of Integrated Media Strategies by the African Leadership Institute is because the principal, Norman Smit is South African born and bred and worked as a journalist in South Africa for two decades. He was asked to join the team that launched South Africa's first fully independent television news program after the fall of Apartheid and produced the prime-time news show for more than two years from its inception before coming to the United States. He has worked in communications and in news media in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

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