Fresh content on a website is one of the most important ways search engines rank where you will be found - on page one, or buried.

Content marketing uses online content to increase the visibility of an organization and is an effective marketing method. Done right, it can help you get to page one.

Many organizations have experienced staff, provide good services, and have everything needed to create great content with the regularity needed for this kind of marketing, but find it difficult to do so. We can solve that for you. We will turn what it is you do into effective web content. In short, we make content marketing easy for you. Contact us to find out about our rates and to discuss how we can help.

Companies relying on their websites for strategic positioning, content marketing, and sales should monitor their Google Search Console regularly.  This may seem obvious, but for many small businesses where owners wear many hats, taking the time to do so can seem like a low priority.  We advise our small business clients to do so monthly, more often if they are running any online marketing campaigns.  On behalf of one of our clients, we recently received a Google email saying: "New AMP issue detected for site..."  

AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, which is an open source initiative. For a variety of reasons relating to its business model, Google is heavily invested in the mobile web, so when you receive an email like this, pay attention, as it is negatively impacting your website's search results.  In this particular email, the reason given was: Custom JavaScript is not allowed.  Integrated Media Strategies builds only open source sites and uses vendors who produce well-coded commercial open-source licensed extensions, so it seemed odd that something had changed, prompting the email.

For millions of people, password management and online security is opaque and maddening. Websites with password requirements tell you they have to be a specific number of characters long, be upper and lower case, have numbers and sometimes even special characters - like $#%^1mpo55ibleToRemember! So many people have scribbled passwords in the backs of notebooks shoved into their desk drawer. In many instances, these books or pieces of paper include passwords to sensitive accounts like bank and .gov accounts. In others, the accounts are associated with social media and other public-facing accounts. In the event of an account breach or a fire, the loss of these passwords can lead to firing or even loss of control of online accounts that directly impact how one makes ones living.