Each year, the African Leadership Institute picks some of Africa's top up-and-coming young leaders for an intensive week-long leadership programme.  Coherent Marketing arranged for all of the 25 Fellows to be interviewed on topical leadership issues and the challenges facing Africa.  Those interviews now form the basis for an integrated communications campaign that will assist in promoting the work and legacy of the institute, as well as the personal profiles of the Fellows themselves.

The interviews have been broken up into short, bite-sized interviews covering a single subject, topic or issue.  These are being uploaded to YouTube and will then be embedded in individualized video pages on the institute's website with all the usual SEO associated with these kinds of pages.  These pages will then be shared on social media over time in a staggered roll-out, providing sustained interest and content for the insitute.  In total, about 70 videos will be produced, so the rollout over social media will last at least three months. 

A selection of these videos will also be included in the institute's newsletter and a news media component is being developed alongside this campaign.

And because the primary medium in Africa remains audio, we will be stripping the audio tracks from the videos and posting these separately on the website and on different social media for distribution and sharing.

By the end of the campaign, the expectation is that long-tail search will be significantly positively impacted, along with the positioning of the institute as a force for long-term and sustained change in Africa through the development of its network of young leaders. While the institute has been around for more than a decade and is well-regarded, the improvement in visibility will enhance its status and ability to attract additional funding for the important work it undertakes.


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