Coherent Marketing has formed a strategic partnership with Malteez, a South African digital agency.  The partnership will provide clients in Africa seeking access to the American market and wanting a digital agency that is African and at the same time, is well-established in the US market. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, English is what divides the English-speaking world and the United States.  Companies seeking to do well in the U.S. must be capable of adapting to the idiosyncrasies of a country made up states - each with their own laws and cultures - and a national, federally-governed marketplace.  This is even more true when seeking entry into regulated sectors such as finance or pharmaceuticals. 

The partnership allows for Malteez and Coherent Marketing to connect with clients as Africans, yet function effectively in guiding those clients to success in the US marketplace.  Coherent Marketing has a deep contact list of people and organizations with which it can partner and recommend, making for a seamless transition for African-based companies.  With its experience in working on projects with state government, higher education, the biopharmaceutical industry sector, advanced manufacturing, other regulated sectors, numerous startups, small business and on federally-funded projects in the the U.S. and in Canada, it can help make entry to the US market as painless as possible.


Additionally, the partnership with Malteez, which has extensive experience in the financial and banking sector, provides further depth to the partnership.  The two companies are able to provide:

  • Strategic and tactical marketing communications
  • Positioning planning and implementation
  • An ability to communicate to their clients what is being done that takes into account the cultural nuances required when working on both continents

The principals of both companies have solid pedigrees in media, as well as the digital know-how to provide comprehensive cost-effective services that enable organizations to reach their business goals. 

Prior to venturing into the world of digital marketing, Seymone Moodley, Founder and CEO of Malteez, worked for years as a South African journalist including at news organisations and publications such as the British Broadcast Corporation, CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa and Forbes Woman Africa magazine. She has also worked at one of South Africa's largest digital marketing agencies for big South African brands such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Nestle's Aero, Purina ONE and Husky brands. She helped develop, maintain, grow and achieve successful results for each brand, in reach, engagement, brand awareness, and achieving business objectives through digital marketing. 

The principal at Coherent Marketing, Norman Smit, is a South African now living and working in the United States, where he has been active since 2001.  He is an award-winning media professional who has worked as a communications executive on four continents.  During this time he has been involved at a senior level in television newsroom startups, state and national government economic development projects, private-public partnerships, and numerous startups, both large and small.  He has been called in to troubleshoot and get projects back on track. He is also active in assisting small businesses get their communications in place and working effectively. 

Read more about projects and his track record here at Coherent Marketing.




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