Many organizations are facing the current communications revolution with teams organized to create and disseminate information and grow business for what worked as little as two years ago.

Coherent Marketing can assist organizations either set up new integrated digital communications structures or help transition communications teams.  This communications revolution is not just about technology, but the way in which organizations should be conceptualizing content, leveraging opportunities for new niche audiences and new business, vetting material, distributing authentic communications, archiving material and reviewing metrics. Social and digital media have empowered people to be able to easily talk about you and share their opinions and experiences. And that includes future clients as can also be deliberately negative from your competition.

What integration can do for you

A plan and an organized process for ongoing engagement of all an organizations key audiences is required. Integration of media and communications provides a method for organizations to:

  • Make communications more effective
  • Target content to specific audiences for improved business outcomes
  • Leverage niche communications more broadly
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Market the organization and its services or products
  • Provide channels for engagement
  • Provide tools for listening and gaining intelligence about perceptions about your organization
  • Initiate new types of content cost effectively
  • Provide authentic communications, both for internal communications as well as external audiences

Coherent Marketing can also assist companies integrate the traditional communications methodologies that they have been using, such as trade shows, print media, and radio and television advertising, with new media, including advertising.

Advertising still provides a powerful way to reach people, but once an ad campaign has passed, the reach advertising provides is often lost. By adjusting advertising to include media integration, people who are not yet customers but may be in future can be retained until they are ready to buy rather than lost.Coherent Marketing can structure media buys so that television station account managers will be able to leverage airtime with social media for improved reach and the ability to retain viewers on social media sites and in email databases after the campaign.
Improved outcomes

The bottom line - integrating media can provide more impact and business value for your organization. Contact Coherent Marketing to discuss how we can help your marketing, communications and advertising go further and deliver more.



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