An example of the communications integration and change management facilitation provided by Coherent Marketing can be found in services provided to the Smithfield-Selma Chamber of Business.  The chamber is the largest chamber of commerce for the region south of Raleigh, NC and the Research Triangle.  It is a member-based organization with a small staff representing about 600 businesses in the region. 

The chamber wanted to integrate social media and content marketing into their communications processes. Their goals were to more effectively communicate with their members, better represent the interests of the business community, raise the visibility of the organization and its members, and grow its membership base.


Coherent Marketing developed a communications change management plan that included a communications audit.  It looked at staff communications responsibilities, skills sets, communications platforms used, and metrics.  We worked with the various member volunteer committees to determine their needs and see what was working, what could be improved, and hear from them what they'd like to see in future.  The Chamber's Board approved the implementation plan that emerged from this interactive process. 


The deliverables provided by Coherent Marketing included:

  • The development of new communications plan
  • Communications best practices
  • Strategies to improve Search Engine Page Rankings for the chamber and its members
  • Strategies to improve metrics and web traffic
  • Building content sources and a member information and social media database
  • Social media posting guidelines to build engagement and web traffic
  • Review and reporting guidelines for metrics
  • Guidelines on trolls and managing controversy
  • Content workflow standard operating procedures
  • Image and media management and posting procedures
  • Online security guidelines
  • Training on social media publishing platforms and channels and metrics



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